Buyers Information

Some Helpful Hints Before You Buy

1) Be Prepared. In today’s market, you should be prepared, ready to act on the purchase of your new home. It’s best to already have your mortgage pre-approvals and credit checks already completed. Also, have a clear understanding of what you want.

2) Select the Right Agent. Take your Home Specialist selection process seriously. Feel confident and comfortable with an Home Specialist that will work hard, with only your best interest at who will assertively act and negotiate on your behalf.

3) Knowledge is Power. Strong communication between you and your Home Specialist is essential. The more information your Home Specialist knows about your likes and dislikes, the more narrow the search, resulting in maximum productivity and search-time efficiency.

4) The Right Season. The time of year when you set out to buy can also play a factor. For instance, if you’re looking to move in late Spring, you may want to start your search in January or February. Traditionally, the Spring market may be too active with buyers and short on inventory, narrowing your scope of possibilities.

5) The Longer, the Lower. Chances are the longer a particular house has been on the market, the more likely the buyer will accept lower price offers. Of course, this depends on the buyer’s timeframe and his/her housing situation contingent on their sale their home that you’re interested in purchasing.

6) How long does it take? As a rule-of-thumb, there is a timeframe of 6-10 weeks from the time that you make an offer to the time of closing.